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We know M&E.

devstats is a research organization based in Berlin, Germany. devstats specializes in Monitoring & Evaluation and Statistics for development projects and programmes.

Our aim is to provide you with the information and tools you need to define, review and evaluate your program. For that we use state of the art methods and approaches.



With 15 years of experience we can say we know M&E. Close to 50 projects all around the world, and across various sectors and cultures prove that.


Every project is different. So are our approaches. What works in a refugee camp in Lebanon does not necessarily work in rural Nigeria. You know that - and we know that.


We are not re-inventing the wheel. Rather, we use the best approaches and methods to get you the information you need. And if there is nothing that fits, we develop it for you.

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What we do

Research Design

devstats believes instead that the key objective of any research is to gather the information you need. Therefore, the entire research design needs to ensure that data is collected in a way that guarantees a high data quality.

Stakeholders & Advisory Boards

Studies often involve a number of different internal or external stakeholders. devstats has ample experience organizing and such oversight mechanisms to ensure that the study meets the expectations of all stakeholders.

Sample Design

A key aspect of a successful study is an appropriate sample design - especially when it comes to studies with an equity focus. devstats will identify and discuss different approches to ensure the best possible sample design is chosen.

Data Collection Tools

Every research is only as good as the sample as the data collection tools used. devstats develops questionnaires (for quantitative surveys) or topic guides (for qualitative/participatory research) that are appropriate for the target group as well as suited to the data collection method.


To collect the data, enumerators are needed. Some organizations prefer to use their own staff, others prefer to recruit external persons (students or professional interviewers). Each approach has strengths and weaknesses. devstats helps you to make an informed choice about these questions, conducts interviewer trainings for the enumerators and sets up supervision and field procedures.

Data Entry and Processing

Data entry is often errorneously considered to be fairly straightforward. However, especially complex surveys can pose a daunting task for both the data entry team as well as for the team responsible for data cleaning. devstats assists you in developing the appropriate processes and software.

Data Analysis

devstats develops the data analysis strategy right at the beginning of each project together with the client. We use descriptive and multivariate approaches and are also conversant in complex modeling (SEM, Data mining, etc). Providing tables, charts and response rates is standard with devstats. (We love interactive dashboards as much as you do!).

Impact Assessments

In how far has your programme changed lives and livelihoods? Although it sounds fairly straightforward, this question is usually the toughest one of all. devstats is your partner to discuss advanced modeling and (quasi) experimental designs.

Mobile research

... and, yes, we do all this using offline, online and mobile technologies.

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Recent Experiences

Behaviour Change

  • AED (Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam): 'Avian Influenza Baseline KAP Survey (quantitative baseline survey)'
  • AED (Vietnam): 'Qualitative KAP survey on Duck Farmers (Avian Influenza)'
  • AED (Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam): 'Avian Influenza Baseline KAP Survey (qualitative)'
  • Family Health International (Vietnam): 'Media Evaluation Project'
  • UNICEF (Cambodia): 'Event Outcome Survey / Behavior Change Communications Evaluation'

Child Protection

  • ChildWise (Vietnam): 'Anti Sex Tourism Communication Campaign'
  • UNICEF (Cambodia): 'Cambodian accident injuries and disabilities survey'
  • UNICEF HQ (Dominica, India, Montenegro, Egypt): 'Violence against Children: development of indicators and of a participatory assessment methodology'
  • UNICEF HQ / Save the Children: 'Global methodological review of surveys in the area "Violence against Children".' (see also my VAC survey inventory)
  • UNICEF (Maldives): 'Violence against Children on the Maldives (Baseline Survey)'
  • UNICEF / Ministry of Social Solidarity (Timor-Leste): 'Child Protection System Building'


  • European Union / Office of the National Assembly Vietnam (Vietnam): 'Public Opinion Survey'
  • Oxford Policy Management / Ecorys / DFID (Nigeria): 'Review of key surveys for the M&E of DFID Nigeria’s State Level Programmes'
  • Oxford Policy Management / Ecorys / DFID (Nigeria): 'Development of a research methodology (sampling, questionnaire, field mechanisms, etc) for a "Citizen Perception Survey"'
  • Oxford Policy Management / Ecorys / DFID (Nigeria): 'Data analysis and report writing for the 2013 "Citizen Perception Survey"'
  • PACT Cambodia / Transparency International (Cambodia): 'TI Corruption Monitor / Land Titling'

Staff & Stakeholder Surveys

  • GTZ (Vietnam): 'GTZ Staff Training Needs Assessment'
  • UNDP (Vietnam): 'Staff survey “Gender and Human Rights”'
  • The Asia Foundation (Timor-Leste): 'Stakeholder baseline Survey: Quality of service of the Ministry of Finance, Timor-Leste'
  • UN REDD (Asia): 'Stakeholder research on perception of national REDD+ programmes'
  • The Asia Foundation (Timor-Leste): 'Stakeholder baseline Survey: Quality of service of the Ministry of Finance, Timor-Leste (follow up 2011)'
  • The Asia Foundation (Timor-Leste): 'Stakeholder baseline Survey: Quality of service of the Ministry of Finance, Timor-Leste (follow up 2013)'
  • UNFPA (Denmark): 'Client Satisfaction Survey (AccessRH)'
  • United Nations Resident Coordinator (Vietnam): '“One UN” Stakeholder Survey'


  • UNICEF MENARO (Jordan, Lebanon): 'UNICEF Syria Response M&E system review'
  • The World Bank (Timor-Leste): 'Monitoring & Evaluation of the Health Sector'
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development / General Statistics Office Vietnam (Vietnam): 'Capacity building / Baseline Survey pro poor fisheries'
  • SNV (Vietnam): 'Market Assessment: Capacity Development Services'
  • SNV (Vietnam): 'Market Assessment: Biogas Construction Teams'

Research products

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If you have any questions or comments or are interested in one of devstats' own research products, please see the contact information on the right.